Welcome to Kristen Lovelock’s Teaching Practice blog.

Kristen Lovelock is a Teacher of Art and Photography at a secondary school in Oxford (2012 – 2016).  Kristen Lovelock received her Art & Design, Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGCE) from Institute of Education, University of London in 2011.  She has taught, as a student-teacher, A Level, BTEC and Foundation Art at Hackney Community College, London and KS3-4, GCSE students at Kingsford Community School.  From 2009-10 Lovelock created a seminar group called, Show Not Tell, for MA and PhD students based at Chelsea School of Art & Design.  She has organised many workshops for young people as part of curated exhibitions and has given artist talks at galleries, schools and universities at institutions such as The Brit School, Chelsea and the ICA.  Lovelock has worked as a life drawing team teacher at Rhode Island School of Design for sophomore students with Professor Richard Merkin.

Kristen Lovelock is also a practicing artist, artist-curator and has exhibited widely.  Group exhibitions include:  DETOX, Concrete Allotment Projects (2010),  as part of Alternative Risk Transfer:  Art Blitz, Transition Gallery and A.R.T., Whitechapel Gallery, 1916 CCW PhD research show, Triangle Space (2010), Group Sex Group Show, Trolley Gallery (2005), Brand New and Retro, Up Projects (2004).  She received her MFA with Distinction from Goldsmiths College and has conducted practice-based research towards a PhD at Chelsea School of Art and Design.  She is co-curator of Concrete Allotment Projects, a teacher, a collaborator with the Alternative Risk Transfer and runs an on-line gallery store called Dirt and Stardust.

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